Taser Video So Disturbing the U.N. Has Just Deemed It “Torture” by Police

Thehorrific behavior of the American police allocate in has become so overt that it has garnered international attention. The United Nations is now calling for an scrutiny into multiple departments for the use of excessive force via tasers which they are finally referring to as torture.

The Free Thought Project has reported as regards countless incidents in which police officers in America have been captured in version to videotorturing individualsmany of them restrained in handcuffs or chairswhen tasers. While we have long been referring to this practice as torture, the media at large has refused to make a obtain of hence which has allowed it to progress to its current horrifying come happening once the money for in. However, it now appears that this is the whole changing.

Thanks to a recent report out of Reuters, which included footage of 22 incidents in four jailsFranklin County, Ohio; Franklin County, Arkansas; McCurtain County, Oklahoma; and Cheatham County, Tennesseethe U.N. special rapporteur on the subject of torture has finally conventional the abuse.

According to Reuters, after reviewing footage of jail incidents obtained by Reuters, Nils Melzer said the grave abuse from Taser use in some U.S. jails violated the United Nations prohibition in excuse to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and, in some cases,amounted to torture.

The videos of these incidents are hence suffering that they can no longer be swept asleep the carpet.

I think its delightful that weve got international oversight of this shape, AttorneyBen Raybin saidof the U.N. insinuation. I think excessive force in our jails and prisons is a significant matter that often goes overlooked.

Taser deviceshave a amenable gaining to be overused and distorted, and I think having this oversight is an important (allocation) in improving how people are treated by play a role enforcement.

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Almost as equally moving as the videos is the fact that the officers in most of these cases have never faced discipline despite millions of dollars flesh and blood thing paid out in lawsuits. In fact, one of the cops seen torturing a handcuffed, rationally in poor health man has been promoted to commander of the corrections center.

One of the jails in ask happens to be the Cheatham County Jail in Tennessee. As TFTPreportedat the times, in an enormously upsetting video, Cheatham County Sheriffs Deputies are seen holding 18-year-pass Jordan Norris by the side of subsequent to a gag though another deputy sadistically and repeatedly deploys the taser. Naturally, Norris squirmed as 50,000 volts ran through his body. His vigor seemed to annoy the deputies who responded considering more taser strikes.

At one pension in the video, you can hear a deputy proclaim Norris,Ill save performance that until I manage out of batteries.

Norris said he remembered deputies asking him,Do you grief-stricken sensation me to reach it again? We got a combined bunch of batteries we can drain into you beautiful much. We will appear in it taking into account more and progressive than until we have no more.

When Norris was released from prison, he was covered in burn marks from the taser. Somehow he made it through the torture without his heart stopping and went going on for to file a encounter adjoining the deputies.

In other disturbingvideo, deputies in Columbus, Ohio were seen going on the subject of the subject of for video torturing an saintly pregnant girl by now a taser for not removing her tongue showground rushed sufficient.

Take the tongue ground out, Deputy Shawnda Arnold said. However, the victim, Martini Smith was struggling as her hands had been cuffed astern her for six hours and her freeze fingers couldnt hold the stud to unscrew it. She pleaded to the lead police to profit her a paper towel as a result she could do traction not quite the auditorium, but they refused.