How the exceptional babies who stole our hearts at birth are now

These septuplets were born in 1997. The sonogram showed that the pregnant woman, Bobbi McCaughey, would have 7 children. After this, she and her husband Kenny had the opportunity not to complete the pregnancy because the chances of their surviving were very few. Both spouses were horrified, but risked anyway. The doctors were very concerned that not all children would be born healthy. However, all the children survived!

Every year, on November 19, this family celebrates with a huge holiday: 7 birthdays, all at once!Believe it or not, these two girls are biological twins! Practically, they have nothing in common when it comes to their appearance. While Marie has dark skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes, Lucy has light skin, blue eyes and red hair. This was possible thanks to the miscegenation of their parents. The mother of the girls has Jamaican roots and the father has European roots.

But the color of the skin does not matter when it comes to the family. These sisters have a strong connection between them.This baby rotated horizontally in the uterus of her mother , who suffered from severe preeclampsia. Without knowing this, her mother did everything possible to try to give birth naturally. After a miraculous caesarean performed just in time, the baby was born very small and had to be immediately connected to assistance teams. Obviously, his parents were very worried. But on his fifth day of life, they took this photo. The smile of little Minnesota gave hope to her parents and melted the hearts of many on the Internet.

Now, she has grown up and is happy. He is healthy and also loves to play soccer.