The incredible story of this man who left his job to change the world

Adam Braun had everything he needed: a job in the stock market, a place to live and the opportunity to leave everything and travel around the world. But we all have different ways of being happy. And after meeting a poor boy in India who only dreamed of having a pencil, Adam’s wishes changed completely.His closet was full of suits for business events, and on his business card you could read the name of a very prestigious company. Adam graduated from an Ivy League university, worked in high-risk funds and wished to build a great career at Bain & Company.

Even with all this, in the depths of his soul, the life that Adam so loved had stopped making him happy. He realized that he had to go out and find his happiness. Do you know that feeling?The first thing he did was leave his comfort zone. Adam traveled to India, Africa and Vietnam. Unexpectedly, in the first of those countries, his life began to change. It was there that he met a boy who had never been to school but had seen other children writing with pencils, and his only wish was to have one of his own.