Just before undergoing in vitro fertilization, this woman conceived quadruplets … And this changed her life from head to toe

Julie and Jorge were married in 2005, and they dreamed of having a child. After a year of marriage, the couple visited a doctor and discovered they had trouble conceiving, probably because of her age. Medical tests showed that a natural pregnancy would be unlikely. They began to investigate different methods to solve that problem, and that was when Julie became pregnant.The family was so happy with the pregnancy that they immediately began to prepare to receive the baby. Finally, it was time for the first ultrasound, where the doctor announced to the couple that they were expecting several babies. Julie and Jorge smiled at the thought that the man was talking about twins. They definitely did not expect that, in reality, there were 4 babies growing inside her.After the impact of the news, Julie and Jorge focused on the positive aspects of that situation and were eager to meet their babies. Pregnancy was not easy and doctors warned the couple that the chances of survival and good health of their babies were only 20%. The expectant parents were offered a selective interruption of pregnancy, preferably 2 babies, in order to increase their chances of survival.

After a while, the doctors realized that anything that was done to one of the babies could harm the other 3, so Julie and Jorge decided to have them at 4. The quadruplets were born at 29 weeks through an emergency cesarean section. They were 4 girls, and each one weighed less than 3 pounds (1,361 kg). After 8 weeks in the hospital, the beautiful chichas were finally able to go home with their family.The newborns, Jessica, Holly, Georgie and Ellie , were genetically identical. Until they were one year old, Julie could only distinguish her daughters by writing their initials on her feet. Raising quadruplets is not easy, it requires a lot of time and effort, but the couple can not imagine their lives without their little ones.