This Photo Of Two Cops Going Viral For One STUNNING Reason

1. Officer Brittany Beard Hilton

Officer Brittany Beard Hilton of Texas posted this photograph of her and her better half, kindred officer Steven, to her Facebook page. She never thought it would become famous online with more than 100,000 shares. The photograph is of the couple on Thanksgiving Day on obligation rather than with their family.

2. Officers With Family

Brittany posted the photograph in light of the negative feedback law requirement has been getting. She needed to remind individuals that police chance their lives ordinary to individuals. Also, she needed to bring issues to light that cops make penances for their families.

3. Bleeding Blue

Brittany and her better half hazard their lives to secure their family and their group. Despite the fact that they recognize that there are terrible cops out there and that individuals have had contrary communications with police, they need to remind individuals that not all law authorization is awful.